Are Peer Groups the Key to Unlocking Your Potential?

Are Peer Groups the Key to Unlocking Your Potential?

Anyone who’s acted as a CEO, or C-suite executive, will know that it’s lonely at the top, not to mention stressful.

With all the goings-on of a business, and the constant need to build, grow and improve, is the role of CEO more than a full-time job that requires every ounce of attention?

Could You Benefit?

With so much energy being diverted to business objectives, it’s all too easy for CEOs to forget about their own goals — or simply run out of the time needed to achieve them.

“Being part of a business mastermind group of non-competing peers will take you further than you ever thought possible,” says Carri Nicholson, Founder of CAN DO Business Solutions.

“They will always have your back. They will never judge you and they will help you deal with your biggest business challenges in ways that you would never have thought of yourself.”

Carri spent 20 years as CEO across various industries. However, since starting CAN DO Business Solutions, Carri now devotes her time to helping CEO’s excel in their professional and personal lives.

As part of this service, Carri runs a number of Growth Circle peer groups for high-performing business leaders that combine facilitated problem solving sessions, 1-2-1 mentoring, and CPD workshops all designed to meet the needs of the 21st century CEO.

“Our Growth Circle members have access to superb virtual workshops delivered by national and international thought leaders”

Carri Nicholson, CAN DO Business Solutions

“Our Distilled Wisdom™ workshops each quarter cover subjects as diverse as:

  • Negotiation tactics
  • How to create a culture of service excellence
  • How to use storytelling to make your plans come to life

“As with all things Growth Circles, they are all delivered virtually.”

Making the Cut

Whilst CAN DO Business Solutions isn’t the only company to run peer groups for CEOs, Carri is quite selective of who she allows in.

“First of all, I ensure new members have no conflicts of interest with the group. I’ll also have a series of conversations to really understand how they tick.”

“I’m looking for people that are interesting, have a story to tell and are passionate about what they do and where they want to go”

Carri Nicholson, CAN DO Business Solutions

“With some of my bigger competitors, I’m hearing that potential members feel the relationship is increasingly focused on whether or not they can pay the fee. If they can, they’re in.”

“With my Growth Circles, the personal dynamics are so important,” Carri explains. “We’re going to be spending the best part of a day, each month, together. We’ve got to like each other’s company.”

“It’s much more about mindset,” concludes Carri. “I’m looking for people that are interesting, that have a story to tell, that are passionate about what they do and where they want to go. People that have big dreams — but not pipe dreams.”

Currently, Carri is also recruiting a number of Peer Network cohorts in the North East of England, the Tees Valley, and the Peterborough & Cambridgeshire area. 

Fully funded by the Department of Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy, these are a great short-programme introduction to the mastermind group concept and a perfect way to “try before you buy”

To learn more about Carri’s CEO peer groups:

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