B-Law Exposes the Route to Business Growth Excellence

B-Law Exposes the Route to Business Growth Excellence

Entrepreneurs all have one thing in common — the desire to grow their business. But with the world being what it is, doing so is no easy feat.

Many companies strive to build up their teams with the most talented people they can find in order to support company growth. But could business leaders be missing a trick?

Excelling Growth

“I work with companies that are growing and doing well in business,” says William Blumenthal of B-Law.

“These companies expect to encounter a lot of situations where they need a lawyer relatively frequently, either to negotiate contracts or give strategic guidance in their own plans in terms of how they grow the business and how they fund it. This could be done in a number of ways, such as acquiring other companies.”

As a General Counsel and Legal Business Advisor William often supports entrepreneurs, CEOs and Board Members in strategising and executing plans that will ensure commercial growth.

“In essence, I help businesses with ambition, achieve their ambitions”

William Blumenthal, B-Law

“While many companies will have a cosy relationship with a law firm, some don’t realise that having a General Counsel, that knows the business and acts as part of the management team, has a lot more to offer than just legal advice”

Maintaining Law and Order

“As well as working to grow my clients’ companies, it is also my role to manage external advisors and oversee all legal affairs, whilst simultaneously ensuring that the companies I work with are on track to achieve their goals,” William explains.

“Everything I do regularly involves negotiating complex, long term and valuable contracts”

“On the other hand, my responsibilities might encompass setting up a share option scheme, or dealing with various legal matters as they crop up,” concludes William.

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