Thystle Enables Your Business Productivity to Blossom

Thystle Enables Your Business Productivity to Blossom

Is your business still using manual, paper-based systems or software that doesn’t really work for you?

Not reviewing or updating your procedures can leave your business lagging behind the competition, with higher labour costs and slower response times.

While infrastructure upgrades require investment, how can they save time in the long run which leads to business and capital growth?

Donna Smith of Thystle has seen this problem first-hand and helps SMEs to find cost-effective solutions which tackle inefficiency.

“I find that it’s not a question of whether a business can afford to upgrade, but whether they can afford not to,” says Donna, who is based in Invergordon in the Scottish Highlands.

“More business is now being done online and companies need to take advantage of the opportunities or be left behind”

Donna Smith, Thystle

“The coronavirus pandemic has only highlighted these issues, leaving poorly prepared companies to rush into remote working and to streamline their documentation.”

What Software to Buy?

Buying off-the-shelf software might seem the simplest solution, but how do you know that the system is right for your business?

“There are so many options on the market that it can be confusing for customers to choose the most appropriate and best value system.”

“When adopting new technology, it pays to take a smart approach and to set some clear targets”

Donna Smith, Thystle

“The last thing you want to do is to bring in software which baffles the user, as it could make their life more stressful,” says Donna.

“The worst-case scenario would be that they stop using the software and revert to the old system, wasting their investment.”

A Case for Bespoke Software

“We offer a fixed price for the project, so the customer knows how much they need to spend,” explains Donna.

“For example, I helped a cleaning company who used a rota for their 20 staff. Many of the staff had specialist skills and were assigned to certain locations using a manual process.

“We looked at building a system to deal with the rota and timesheets, plus a mobile app for staff to clock in and out.

“The owner was amazed by the result,” Donna continues. “Before, they did not know the profitability of each job, as they didn’t track time spent. Using the new software, they could quickly calculate the cost of each job.”

“Secondly, they saved a huge amount of time as managing the rota using the app took just five minutes per week rather than five hours,” concludes Donna.

Whatever area of your business that you want to improve, discover how Thystle can help you achieve your desired outcome by:

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