NexusProtect Offers Robust Testing for Long-term COVID Resilience

NexusProtect Offers Robust Testing for Long-term COVID Resilience

As the UK goes into another lockdown, many businesses are still struggling to adapt to the quick changes, including handling staff furloughs, remote working and providing a COVID-safe working environment.

The news of the different variant has struck further fear into the nation, and poses a long-term challenge for business resilience. The team at NexusProtect have come together to offer a risk management service for UK companies, with a particular focus on testing and data capture.

Managing Director, Nick Holden, said, “With the new strain and at least six months before we see everyone having vaccinations, businesses are understandably panicking.”

“Our new offering will help to identify potential risk and contain possible outbreaks.”

“The next 6 months should be about keeping your business alive!”

A Three-tier System

The Knowsley-based business security and resilience experts have created a new service that comprises of testing, data capture and information management:

  1. Testing will offer better visibility
  2. Data capture will help businesses to monitor their resource provision
  3. Information management will help companies to stay compliant

“The ability to track and trace a positive result within your organisation will help you keep your business alive and operating instead of a close or lockdown”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

“This is extremely important in organisations which require people to be in their places of work,” explains Nick.

NexusProtect are offering UK businesses the following resources to help manage risk:

Trained Testing Personnel

The team can now offer access to trained, experienced, and insured personnel who can deliver physical COVID testing on-site, helping staff to manage resources faster.

Lateral Flow Test Kits

These market-leading test kits can yield results in as little as 30 minutes, perfect for mass testing on-site and the continuation of essential operations.

An End-to-end Process

“Beyond the trained testing staff, NexusProtect is also offering a speedy data capture service, which will allow employers to make decisions in real-time,” Nick continues.

For example, they can determine whether or not it is safe for employees and schoolchildren to return to their place of work or education.

The software package is intuitive and GDPR compliant, offering safe access to the organisation’s data.

“At present, our style of package has been rolled out successfully in care homes and at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, with plans for implementation at schools in across the UK”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

“We need a data-led approach to managing risk,” Nick adds.

“Working with our partners, our new services allow businesses to stay alert and functional, while adhering to data protection legislation.”

Manage Your Risk Today

2020 was a challenging enough year for businesses – but 2021 doesn’t need to be the same.

To make faster business decisions, keep staff safe and maintain a steady cashflow, contact NexusProtect by calling 08454 631 072 or visiting

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