What is Key to Small Businesses Reaching Peak Performance?

What is Key to Small Businesses Reaching Peak Performance?

How do you know if your business is working at peak performance? Wouldn’t you like to know if a few simple changes could make your processes more efficient?

Multi-national corporations spend millions every year reviewing their operations in order to iron out costly wrinkles and assessing where resources are best deployed.

Hiring a leading consultancy firm is expensive and out of reach for most smaller companies so who is helping those in the SME market?

Find Your Business Technician

“The good news is that there is a small army of independent consultants, or business MoT technicians, who are helping to transform smaller, local businesses,” says Donna Smith of Thystle.

“Many of them have a wide range of experience from large corporate concerns to charities, and can help companies to develop and grow.”

Unlike a technician at an MoT garage, consultants can come to you and can be found in the four corners of the United Kingdom.

For example, Invergordon in the Scottish Highlands may not seem like a thriving business hub, but don’t be deceived by the stunning scenery.

Nestled around the hills, lochs and glens are hundreds of small businesses providing vital services to the local community.

“The Highlands is full of SMEs and I found that businesses were struggling to find local support”

Donna Smith, Thystle 

“Up here lockdown and working remotely has actually been a big help to many businesses, opening up new ways of working,” Donna explains.

“It can take four hours to go and physically visit someone in the Highlands – which is as big as Belgium.

“The move to online platforms has removed that barrier as virtual meetings save so much time.”

Diagnosing Problems in Small Businesses

After a successful career in the corporate and public sector, including being a senior IT manager, Donna started her own business in April 2019. Her experience spans a wide range of sectors, including training, retail and cleaning companies.

“I actually have a degree in physics, but I wanted to work with people,” says Donna.

“I’ve spent years as a business analyst and I loved it. I’m driven by helping people to solve problems.”

“Software and systems make your life easier and I can help companies to fill gaps in their existing programs.

“I have seen the daily problems SME face first-hand, and I help them find cost-effective solutions which tackle inefficiency”

Donna Smith, Thystle

Donna finds that the most common problems for small businesses include:

  • Business owners running themselves ragged
  • Duplicated systems
  • Losing track of info or failing to follow-up leads
  • Piles of paperwork
  • Too busy to look for help and support.

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