The Silver Sales Bullet Opens Doors to Key Decision-Makers

The Silver Sales Bullet Opens Doors to Key Decision-Makers

What’s the point in developing the perfect sales pitch for what could be your dream client if you are unable to reach the decision maker?

This is a common problem for business owners and sales managers striving to land the next big deal.

Too much time and effort is being aimed at people who do not possess the buying power, so how do you lift your head up and reach the person at the top of the organisation?

“Sales techniques are only valuable if you are talking to the right person,” says Ian L. George, who has spent the past 30 years developing a fearless attitude to business. “This is the element which is missing from most sales training, which are too focused on scripts and closing techniques.”

“What people need to recognise is that in business, nothing of any tangible value happens until money changes hands”

Ian L George

“The quickest way to achieve this, is for the senior people in both the buying and selling entities to get together, as that’s the best chance of getting a decision.”

Ian L George - Silver Sales Bullet
Ian L George

Using his own innovative strategies, incorporated tactics and unique set of negotiating skills, Ian has helped his clients to reach a who’s who of powerful people in business, including billionaires, politicians, CEOs and even members of royal families.

Success and Opportunity

After spending 20 years in the corporate world, Ian established two successful businesses:

  1. George Wicks Ltd
  2. The Effective Communication Group

George Wicks is an investment platform for the sports sector and facilitated a £48 million offer for the sale of Sunderland AFC. It is also involved in commercial sponsorship and negotiated a three-year shirt sponsorship deal for Sheffield United worth £21 million.

The Effective Communication Group is a platform of commercial opportunities beyond the sports sector, including retail, finance, technology, health and education.

In total, the two businesses have generated more than £50 million in commercial revenue, as well more than £100 million of investment on behalf of Ian’s portfolio of national and international clients.

“When the first lockdown happened, I realised that all my successes have been reliant on my ability to travel,” adds Ian.

“After road-testing strategies across the globe, whilst working directly with hundreds of businesses, it is the perfect time to create an online programme”

Ian L George

Now, for the first time, Ian has put his techniques into a seven-week course called The Silver Sales Bullet.

CPD-certified, the course is spread across 37 modules, and the easy to follow presentations will give you the strategies, tactics and skills to engage and communicate more effectively.

“The only thing that matters is the next sale,” Ian points out. “If you want to open doors to significant people in your life, you need to learn how to influence and persuade.”

“Before you succeed, you need to turn fear into courage and believe that you can do it,” concludes Ian. “With hope and belief, optimism always prevails.”

If you would like to learn the strategies, tactics and skills to progress and prosper in your professional and personal life:

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