Is personal wellbeing key to business wellbeing?

Is personal wellbeing key to business wellbeing?

The saying goes that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Yet, CEOs often find themselves sacrificing the illusive work-life balance just to keep their project moving. Suddenly, they find the more time they spend working without nourishing the other aspects of their lives, the worse their output becomes.

Keith Holdt, founder of Equity Impact Partners, is a corner man for business leaders and CEOs. He believes that the investment CEOs make in their personal health and wellbeing is reflected in their business health. But making that first step towards personal and business health isn’t always easy. CEOs often find themselves carried on a wave of 16+ hour days, and it can be difficult to step out of the flow. And the thought of slowing down is often more intimidating than the idea of speeding up, particularly if they’re yet to make a profit. So where should CEOs begin?

Start with your inner circle

CEOs can start investing in their own personal wellbeing by assessing their environment. Are they working with people who share their vision? Are the investors aligned with their brand, and personal mission?

The successful CEOs are the ones who surround themselves with people who don’t always share the same opinion. Too many CEOs get drawn so far into their business, that they neglect their health, relationships, and personal life. Ultimately, this could lead to the failure of their brand.

Keith Holdt, founder of Equity Impact Partners

It’s all too easy to find yourself in an echo chamber as a CEO. Without a trusted network who can assess your ideas objectively, you risk repeating the same mistakes – and never trying anything new.

Find an objective source

Starting your own venture is as much an emotional journey as it is a professional one. It can be tempting to shut off from criticism, especially when it comes from the people closest to you. All at once, constructive criticism feels like a personal attack on your dream.

If CEOs want to protect their own wellbeing, and the health of their business, they need to work with someone who understands the CEO journey and support them in adjusting their path.

“Once a CEO has their destination, we can start to work our way backwards and remove the obstacles to that goal,” explains Keith, “then we can build a timeline and a roadmap that enables them to move at a steady, focused, sustainable pace without sacrificing their personal needs.”

As Tim Bean, author of ‘The Wealthy Body in Business’ says: “A healthy body is a wealthy body”.

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