Exhibitions: Are You Making the Most of Your Investment?

Exhibitions: Are You Making the Most of Your Investment?

Exhibition ROI.

It’s a topic David Lomas, CEO at M3 Media Publishing, is discussing with businesses daily, since becoming the media partner for the Business Revival Series at Excel London on 9th and 10th March 2022.

David was in frontline sales for many years. He understands that justifying return on investment depends on more than collecting business cards and seeing if anything sticks.

“It’s not just about turning up. It’s about what you put in to it, like adding ingredients to make a recipe successful,” David explains. “The pudding won’t taste the same without the fruit.”

As a result, his Thought Club exhibitor support is already generating massive interest amongst exhibitors.

For many of them, it will be their first exhibition out of the starting blocks since 2019. ROI isn’t just a wish. It’s non-negotiable.

Fail To Prepare and Prepare to Fail

The partnership between M3 Media Publishing and the Business Revival Show involves working with the 350 businesses exhibitors from August 2021.

David is inviting them to participate in his regular highly successful online Thought Club events for Directors and thought leaders.

In addition, exhibitors are being offered the opportunity to have thought leadership content written by David’s journalistic writers.

This content defines key issues that are causing customers to lose sleep right now, providing exhibitors with a platform to offer expert commentary that highlights them as experts in their fields.

These valuable pieces of conversation starting editorial are featured in a relevant selection of David’s 10 business publications, besides being circulated amongst the exhibitor community.

In addition, exhibitors are being encouraged to use this content to reach out to visitors they are targeting at the exhibition.

Breaking Through the Noise for Greater Impact

The benefits of participation are unlimited, according to David. The Thought Club will bring exhibitors together initially, with everybody getting to know each other in the discussion groups and through content sharing, becoming colleagues for cross referrals and collaborations.

This is incredible untapped potential that you don’t have when you’re just turning up at your stand cold on the day.

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing

He points out that a ‘spray and pray’ approach is leaving ROI to chance. A more progressive approach is necessary to cut through the noise, when competitors are trying to attract the attention of the same visitors.

“The content is a powerful tool to catch the eyes of target visitors. Most exhibitors are sending out mass emails, badgering visitors to come to their stands. But everybody keeps doing the same old things that don’t even produce many results.”


“I want businesses to understand that we’re offering a thought leadership programme to help them in their approach to delivering return on investment not only at the exhibition, but in many other ways,” David concludes.

M3 Media’s Thought Club will be exhibiting at the Business Revival Series. But you can contact David Lomas before then about forearming your business for exhibition success. Get in touch via linkedin.com or M3 Media Publishing at david@m3publishing.co.uk

A friendly and accomplished copywriter and content creator based in Manchester, Judith Rafferty initially mastered her craft during a longstanding successful sales and marketing career with several market leading high street restaurant and bar brands. She now specialises in digital marketing and conversion copy for a vast range of SME and larger corporate businesses.