SMES: When Will You Draw the Line Between ‘Busy’ and ‘Busy Fool’?

SMES: When Will You Draw the Line Between ‘Busy’ and ‘Busy Fool’?

As a small business owner, you might typically have mastered your craft across a number of years as an employee before taking the plunge and going it alone.

You might be good – even brilliant – at what you do.

Warning: 20% of small businesses crash and burn during their first trading year, with 30% following suit during their second year and 50% hitting the wall by their fifth year.

There are multiple reasons conspiring against you.

The list of contributory factors to small business demise includes a lack of in-house resources and skills necessary to work in a business, besides on it.

“I see so many small business owners bogged down by the typical dilemma of ‘Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it’”, explains Shani Roberts, founder and virtual assistant at Crucial VA.

A Rock and a Hard Place

Not being able to get on with doing what you set up your business for is soul-destroying .
Shani Roberts, Crucial VA

The nuts and bolts of running a business can be time-sucks that hold you back from building your little empire.

“As a business owner myself, I understand how frustrating mundane tasks can be. They can get in the way, but someone has to do it”, Shani says.

To this end, enlisting the services of a virtual assistant for as much or as little help as you need is an ingenious solution.

Using a Virtual Assistant to Leverage Success

Small business owners are understandably careful about spending. But you’ll likely look at your VA expenditure with fresh eyes once you’ve tried it.

The return on investment reaches beyond the practical help you’re paying for.

In addition, it’s being able to finish up at a reasonable hour every day and to spend your weekends enjoying the results of your hard graft instead of going cross-eyed over admin.

Most importantly, it’s the freedom to laser-focus on what you set your business up for in the first place – to deliver a fantastic service to your clients and to get more clients.


“My passion lies in helping people and businesses realise their full potential. But it’s not just a matter of providing expert virtual assistant services such as admin support, diary management, client support, event planning, and more”, Shani spells out.

“Having an expert virtual assistant helps you keep on track, meet your targets and deadlines, and concentrate on the important aspects of your business without having to sweat about the small stuff.”

Could you do with an extra pair of professional hands on your side, but not on your payroll?

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