How could content help you sidestep your Sales Pitch?

How could content help you sidestep your Sales Pitch?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” according to Albert Einstein.

So, why is it that salespeople plough on with the same pushy, off-putting, stalking, spammy sales pitches?

David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing, has seen it all during his years as a successful salesman.

“Too many salespeople can’t make the most of opportunities because they’re tunnel-visioned. It’s engrained in them to keep making the same cold calls that have no impact at all. They keep sending the same boring sales emails, ramming their products or services down their prospect’s throats”

There IS a different and more progressive way of operating that, David claims, is even effective for non-salesy staff who aren’t trained in the dark arts of persuasion.

Using Content to Get You Closer to the Target

Quality content gets you closer to your prospects by taking the pitching out of selling.

How is this possible?

Content is at the heart of M3’s Thought Club.

Thought Club membership includes the production of thought-provoking articles by David’s team of editorial writers, plus participation in regular networking events and thought leadership discussions.

The piece de resistance that turbo charges each piece of content is the headline – a killer question that keep your prospects awake at night.

The articles are featured in a number of M3’s broad portfolio of well-respected magazines, making it simple but effective to send prospects a link to click through and read the articles for themselves.

Value, Impact and Credibility

“No more desperately trying to get prospects to meet you for a coffee when they don’t even know you,” David continues.

It’s about demonstrating three simple but fundamental things – value, impact and credibility.

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing

• Value – Providing your prospect with the value of what’s featured in the article

• Impact – Making an impact on your prospect by asking the right question (the article headline) to pique their interest

• Credibility – Establishing your credibility in the eyes of your prospects by demonstrating your authority in your field, and your understanding of their key challenges


“It’s such a powerful tool that extends an initial conversation in to a follow-up call,” David continues. “I’m excited to demonstrate to more and more businesses how content does the work pushy selling can’t.”

Are your salespeople struggling to cut through the noise, get quality appointments and hit their targets using traditional pitching techniques? Get in touch at via or M3 Media Publishing at

A friendly and accomplished copywriter and content creator based in Manchester, Judith Rafferty initially mastered her craft during a longstanding successful sales and marketing career with several market leading high street restaurant and bar brands. She now specialises in digital marketing and conversion copy for a vast range of SME and larger corporate businesses.