Is Your Business Ready to be Inspired?

Is Your Business Ready to be Inspired?

With the Business Revival Exhibition Series on the horizon for it’s launch in March 2022, Business Aspects Magazine spoke to the man with the motive.

Ryan Treloar is the CEO at Inspired Motive, a B2B events company which was formed during the pandemic. We look into his story and look to learn more about his passion for connecting businesses through his events.

Ryan explained: “We set up the company at a time when live events weren’t allowed to happen”.

“Inspired Motive was created out of circumstance in all honesty. I found myself unemployed at the start of lockdown, along with many of my other former colleagues, who had worked together for years, at another B2B event organiser”.

“I am extremely passionate about the B2B event industry, having successfully created and launched shows that can boast 85% rebook rates and over 20,000 attendees.”Ryan TreloarCEO at Inspired Motive 

Ryan continued “During lockdown, there were no events running and I thought about how I could create a platform for businesses to be able to continue to generate leads as well as network with others. Seeing as the world had gone virtual I decided to create Inspired Motive and went on to organise a couple of virtual exhibitions in order for businesses to be able to do that. The virtual events went well but didn’t create as much business activity as a live event does. So as soon as the restrictions were lifted we started to plan our first live event, which is very much our forte. The response the show has received so far from business leaders has been phenomenal.”

It seems that many UK businesses can’t wait to return to live events and the networking/lead generation opportunities that brings.

The Business Revival event goes live in March 2022 at Excel, London. We asked Ryan, what are the show’s aims/objectives?

“The Business Revival Series has very much been created to give UK businesses a platform in order to help revive themselves and get back to where they were pre-pandemic, or even better. After being forced to do business virtually and/or electronically for 18 months, it’s time to get back to where the majority of business gets done and that’s face to face. Networking and lead generation became increasingly difficult, if not nigh on impossible over the last 18 months or so, this show will bring great networking opportunities, product sourcing and brand awareness opportunities all under one roof.”

Business Revival Conference

This spectacular 2-day event gives business leaders the opportunity to get in front of thousands of prospective customers, in a really focused environment.

We have a fantastic lineup of big-name brands and speakers on our keynote stage, true thought leaders will be talking about how to tackle the problems the pandemic has thrown at businesses. 

We have adjoined 2 shows to our Business Revival Conference, in order to make sure the show encompasses everything that businesses need to consider in order to adapt to our new working landscape.

These shows are:

  • The Remote Working Expo
  • The Corporate Wellbeing Expo.

The Remote Working Expo

All businesses were forced to incorporate some level of remote/hybrid working during the lockdown period, simply in order to carry on trading. However, many businesses have noted an upturn in productivity from remote/hybrid workers during this time, so much so they are looking to incorporate a remote/hybrid work strategy within their business.

The Corporate Wellbeing Expo

With so many workers out of the office and potential employees wanting to see companies investing time into their staff, corporate wellbeing has become one of the hottest topics within our new business world.

You can come to our show and find out everything you need to in order to roll out remote working within your workplace or how to instil culture and wellbeing into your office.

If you are interested in exhibiting & speaking at the show, contact Ryan Treloar on 02045 178 888 or for more information.