Could expanding your team be the key to expanding your business?

Could expanding your team be the key to expanding your business?

While the goal of most entrepreneurs is usually to grow their company, business owners know that expansion costs time and money. Growth also tends to require larger teams to take on the additional work – which can also prove costly and it’s often hard to put the infrastructure in place for growth before gathering the resources.

In many ways, this could appear to be an ongoing cycle of a desire to expand versus the cost of doing so, but what if there was a way to expand your team for a relatively low cost and minimal admin?

This might sound too good to be true, but it’s not because that’s exactly what Toucan Telemarketing offer with their appointment booking service. “For the cost of employing one single person, with us you get a whole team,” says Paula Bates, Managing Director of Toucan Telemarketing.

The A Team

Despite the name, Toucan Telemarketing is far from what you may expect, as unlike many of the companies in their sector, Toucan prioritise quality over quantity. “We’re a small company, we’re not full call centre fodder. If a new client said we need you to make 10,000 calls a day, I’d turn them away because that’s not us,” explained Paula.

With the services they offer, Toucan’s main goal is to act as an extension of their clients’ teams with their sole objective being to book appointments with prospects, but they do it by engaging with people, building a rapport and — most importantly — listening.

What we lack for in size we make up for in output in terms of getting people in front of people, which is the main thing people struggle with.

Paula Bates, Managing Director, Toucan Telemarketing

Expansion made easy

Of course, outsourcing to a company you can trust, especially when they’re going to represent your brand is of utmost importance, which is why Paula keeps a steady hand on the tiller of the campaigns they run for each client and ensuring their standards are met and integrity is upheld.

“Our clients don’t just get a couple of telemarketers, they also get a database enhancer — and they get me. We’re don’t give our clients one single individual, we give them a team of people. As they say, two heads (or more in our case) is always better than one.”

To find out more about how can grow your team with Toucan Telemarketing, call Paula on 01260 294444 or email

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