Make content your sales strategy

Make content your sales strategy

Stop for a moment and consider the time, effort and resources that you put into chasing new clients, suppliers and potential business partners.

Time that quite simply could be better invested in what matters most – running your business and driving sales.

Just imagine. No more faceless cold calls. No more hoping the person you want to speak to will be available – or if they’re not, waiting for them to return your call. No more employing costly telemarketing agencies.

Quite simply – no more hassle, stress or inconvenience.

Well, that imagination can easily become reality with M3 Publishing’s Thought Club.

There IS a different and more progressive way of operating which is even effective for non-salesy staff who aren’t trained in the dark arts of persuasion.

The answer is using content to get you closer to your target by taking the pitching out of selling.

This type of content is at the heart of M3’s Thought Club.

Membership includes the production of thought-provoking articles by a dedicated team of editorial writers, plus participation in regular networking events and thought leadership discussions. The articles are featured in a number of M3’s broad portfolio of well-respected magazines, making it simple but effective to send prospects a link to click through and read the articles for themselves.

And to achieve the best results from your content, Thought Club will even teach you some valuable skills through its Content Marketing Masterclass which will launch on stand 113 at next month’s Business Revival Series.

Andrew Vaux, M3 Publishing’s Head of Commercial Client Partnerships, explains: “There’s no more desperately trying to get prospects to meet you for a coffee when they don’t even know you.

“Instead, it’s about demonstrating three simple but fundamental things, value, impact and credibility – providing prospects with the value of what’s featured in the article, making an impact on your prospect by asking the right question (the article headline) to pique their interest and establishing your credibility in the eyes of your prospects by demonstrating your authority in your field, and your understanding of their key challenges.”

As well as promoting content, Thought Club also offers a new and innovative form of business networking.

Many people can be put off by the negative connotations often associated with networking – a hot and stuffy room, full of over-enthusiastic salesmen who want to thrust their business cards into your hand and have more interest in hearing their own voice than paying any real attention to what you have to say.

Quite simply, Thought Club reverses this as events and discussion groups are about avoiding sales pitches. No-one leaves an event feeling they’ve been ‘sold to.’

Instead, the focus is on questions and answers – starting conversations which can be followed up on a consultative basis. In effect, it’s almost reverse sales psychology.

Andrew Vaux continues:

“Thought Club provides a sound foundation for business leaders and entrepreneurs to start their thought-leadership journey.”

“Conversations are most successful when they’re about the other person and not about your own business. Most people get it the wrong way round. But let’s be honest, everyone will talk forever about their problems and challenges as soon as they’re given half a chance.

“With Thought Club, that’s what adds another dimension to impactful, thought-provoking conversations.”

To find out more about Thought Club events, meet us on Stand 113 at The Business Revival Series, or contact Andrew Vaux Email: or David Lomas Email:

The Business Revival Series at London’s Excel Centre on March 9 and 10 is a unique live experience where you can come and network with 10,000 business owners and learn how to create culture within your workplace and how to genuinely look after employee wellbeing. You can get your free tickets to the event here.

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