Skills Allocation: Could You be Wearing the Wrong Hat?

Skills Allocation: Could You be Wearing the Wrong Hat?

As business owners, we often pride ourselves on our ability to wear many hats. One moment we’re working in sales, then we have to manage the HR, and then quickly after that we’re doing our own business administration. However, while versatility is a valuable trait, wearing the wrong hat can have detrimental effects on your business.

To shed further light on the topic, Business Aspects Magazine spoke to Debra Blackman from Viessentially who is an expert in saving business owners time. Here’s what she said:

“Imagine a scenario where a business owner, skilled in sales or product innovation, finds themselves buried under a mountain of administrative tasks.

“As they admirably toil to keep up with the demands of day-to-day operations, their core competencies languish, and potential growth opportunities slip through their fingers.”

“As well as this, by allocating your skills and time improperly, you are far more prone to burnout and inefficiency.”

Debra Blackman, Managing Director of Viessentially

What is the end result? Stagnation, missed targets, and ultimately, a business that fails to reach its full potential, says Debra.

What hat should I be wearing?

Instead of being a jack-of-all-trades, business leaders should focus on their core competencies and delegate tasks outside their expertise. This is not because they will do them badly, but because they can make far more money by maximising the value of their time.

“Freeing up just an hour or two of each day from administrative tasks, means that you have up to 25% more time each day to focus on getting more customers and growing your business,” explained Debra, continuing:

“Just imagine what that free time might mean for your revenue.”

Debra Blackman, Managing Director of Viessentially

With modern technology enabling remote work and freelance hiring, outsourcing your dull and time consuming admin has never been easier – or cheaper. Here’s how Debra concluded:

“If it costs you more in potential sales than it does to pay for someone else to do your administration, then not-outsourcing will unequivocally cap your business revenue. With the low cost of modern outsourcing, this, therefore, almost invariably applies to all businesses.”

It’s time to assess our skill allocation and ask ourselves: are we wearing the right hat? By delegating tasks effectively and focusing on what we do best, we can propel our businesses to new heights of success.

For further guidance on how and where to outsource your business administration tasks, contact Debra Blackman from Viessentially via LinkedIn here, or email