Editorial Team

David Lomas, CEO and Executive Editor

David is the founder and CEO of M3 Media Publishing. He is a committed believer in the power of content marketing and maximising the business benefits of social media.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, David has set up M3’s portfolio of sector-specific digital magazines, designed to attract and inform a growing online readership, and to help businesses improve their visibility and engage with their target audiences.

Garry Samuels, Media Content Director

Garry is M3 Media Publishing’s strategic linchpin. He co-ordinates our content, engages with our clients, and he makes valuable new business connections. These clients and connections are where our great stories originate.

Along with our social media team, Garry is also responsible for our vital social media engagement, ensuring that the stories we publish are not only shared widely but target the right audiences.

If you would like us to write about the issues that interest you, highlight your area of expertise, and expose you to a wider audience, please contact us.