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succession planning

Is Succession Planning an Achilles Heel for Family-run SMEs?

Succession planning is a vital part of growing a healthy business. Why are many family-run SMEs falling at this important hurdle?

staff loyalty

Can Sales-focused Businesses Improve Staff Loyalty?

It is an issue familiar to business owners, managers and employers the world over: What can be done to help engender staff loyalty? It is...

business networkers

13 Types of Business Networkers That You Ought to Avoid

We’ve all heard of the traditional social classes – upper, middle and lower, which were broken down even further into seven classes,...

business in china flag

Can the UK Successfully Do Business in China, Post-Brexit?

China is going to become a far more important market for UK businesses post-Brexit. It is seen by many as the natural alternative to the...

property market uncertainty

Can Uncertainty Mean Opportunity in the Property Market?

Generally, uncertainty is in the air, for business in the UK. The property market, however, has come in for some fevered speculation. Some...

brinkmanship in business

Where is the Place for Brinkmanship in Business?

What does it mean to take things to the brink? Politically, history has notable examples where negotiations appear to teeter on the edge....

leadership success

Leadership: Is the Secret to Success Too Secretive?

Some people feel they have an instinctive feel when it comes to business, which drives much of their decision-making. Being self-driven and...

english language

Is English Language an International Business Challenge?

While competing in a digitally connected global marketplace is easier than it has ever been, one barrier remains: language. The global...

operations manual

Does Your Operations Manual Enable You to Go Automatic?

One of the key ways of ensuring your business infrastructure is covering all the necessary bases is by having an operations manual. As...

business systems

How Crucial are Business Systems to Your Survival?

A business system should be what connects all the parts of a company or organisation, ensuring they are working together to meet the...