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Ali Ghaidan

The Business Inspirations Series: Ali Ghaidan

Ali Ghaidan is the CEO and Co-Founder of RMDM, a one-stop shop for cancer diagnostics, prevention and treatment. RMDM use ground-breaking...

NTF Corporate Solutions top tips

NTF Corporate Solutions Kickstarts Your Business Turnaround

Consulting an Insolvency Practitioner, commonly known as an IP, can be a far more positive and valuable experience than any business owner...

Toucan Telemarketing appointment setting

Toucan Telemarketing Reveals the Magic Formula for Appointment Setting

If she’s seen it once, she’s seen it a thousand times – sales teams waiting until they are “quiet” to make a push. For Paula...

NexusProtect Exposes the Holes in Your Cyber Security

Around the world, professionals acknowledge Cyber Security Awareness Month in October. The event was founded in the US, there known as...

Paul Lawton CSR

Paul Lawton Reveals Increased CSR Value to Charities

As an operator of a live web chat service, Paul Lawton rarely has time for a break. Wallsend-based Paul founded Chat Heroes in 2015, and...

business security

Are Your People the Biggest Threat to Your Business Security?

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. What if your password got into the wrong hands? How about if a journalist got wind of a...

corporate social responsibility at thought leaders event

Can Corporate Social Responsibility Create Thought Leadership?

Anybody can have an idea. It’s what we do with those ideas that counts. In a corporate world with endless noise, it is our responsibility...

retirement fear when selling your business

Is Retirement Fear an Obstacle to Selling Your Business?

Everyone has fears and sometimes these fears can prevent them from taking the action they need to reach their goals. This can apply to...

succession planning

Is Succession Planning an Achilles Heel for Family-run SMEs?

Succession planning is a vital part of growing a healthy business. Why are many family-run SMEs falling at this important hurdle?

staff loyalty

Can Sales-focused Businesses Improve Staff Loyalty?

It is an issue familiar to business owners, managers and employers the world over: What can be done to help engender staff loyalty? It is...