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How your exit affects business value

Could Your Exit be Detrimental to Your Business Value?

Company owners pour their heart, soul and cash into the business they have created. But what happens when they leave? Whether it is...

Christiane Hutchinson Biramis Management Partners

Does More Business Really Mean More Value? Interview with Biramis

Many companies point to growth as a measure of their success.   While they spend time trying to grow the business and making it...

retirement fear when selling your business

Is Retirement Fear an Obstacle to Selling Your Business?

Everyone has fears and sometimes these fears can prevent them from taking the action they need to reach their goals. This can apply to...

succession planning

Is Succession Planning an Achilles Heel for Family-run SMEs?

Succession planning is a vital part of growing a healthy business. Why are many family-run SMEs falling at this important hurdle?

wealth managers

Do Wealth Managers Sell Too Cheaply to Plug Portfolio Gaps?

Wealth management is under pressure in the UK. The sector is looking for potential new customers but falling short. On the one hand,...